Some Topics

Telling Stories With Big Data

Access to massive volumes of data is at our fingertips, but it isn't always clear how to tell a story that is both accurate and relevant with it

data architecture
Real Time Data With Node.js and Redis

Enterprise data moves at the speed of light, so let's explore how to analyze and evaluate that data as it happens

js data architecture
Learning to Ask the Right Questions

Often, it is more important to know the right questions to ask than to have the right answer - as those questions lead to the answers

soft skills leadership career
Automated Email Testing with Postfix and Docker

Join us to explore and build a full round-trip, automated email testing system that runs entirely in ephemeral environments

automation qa docker testing
Engineering Student Tech Talk

A high level career discussion giving insight into tech evaluation, networking, interviewing, and finding that first job

mentoring tech talk career

Speaking Engagements