Unveiling the Omen: "Whispers of Destiny"

Ethereal scene of a moonlit meadow filled with flowers and sharp mountains in the background.

Today, I'm taking a leap beyond the usual and sharing something special with you all – a snippet from a much larger and magical story that's been brewing in my world for years. This poem, "Whispers of Destiny," is a little window into the enchanting universe my girls and I have been weaving together.

Now, this is a first for me, sharing our creative musings beyond the family circle. It's both thrilling and nerve-wracking, but I couldn't resist giving you a taste of the mystical journey we've been on.

"Whispers of Destiny" isn't a standalone piece; it's part of a juvenile fiction novel we're crafting. The verses hint at ancient prophecies, celestial waltzes, and creatures that straddle the line between light and dark. It's a glimpse into the wonders that await within the larger narrative.

So, why share this now? Well, there's something about this poem that feels like the right introduction to the broader tale we're itching to share with the world. It's a work in progress, but it's filled with heart and the kind of magic that keeps us dreaming.

Whispers of Destiny

When morning's blush and shadows fade,
We'll twirl amidst the emerald glade,
With blossoms bright, a joyous trade,
Yet secrets linger, veiled in shade.

Of flowers fair and cheery mirth,
Smiling up from the verdant earth,
But shunning night with silent mirth,
Their secrets hidden, awaiting birth.

When evening falls and daylight flees,
We'll cease our dance, drop to our knees,
In whispered breaths, secrets to tease,
A hum that echoes through the trees.

Await the second moon's embrace,
A celestial waltz, a mystic chase,
A prelude to a darker space,
A destiny unfolding in grace.

As stars cascade from heaven's vault,
The rocks shall quake, the wind exalt,
Returning creatures, none at fault,
From journeys vast, their powers halt.

In the tapestry of light and dark,
Embark they shall on a fateful arc,
Burning with a fiery spark,
A prophecy sealed, a cosmic mark.

When mankind faces direst plight,
As forests blaze and moons alight,
Assistance swift, with rapid flight,
To those who hold both heart and right.

Cast away the natural dread,
Embrace the bond, by fate widespread,
In realms unknown, where fates are wed,
A Mounted Brand in verses spread.